Best NFL Week 1 Teaser: Philadelphia Eagles (-110)

6 Point Teaser: Tease the Eagles down from -8 to -2

You are able to adjust the line in your favor through the top two key numbers of 3 and 7.

The Philadelphia Eagles are no longer the underdogs as they were in 2017 when they won the Super Bowl.

2017 Eagles underdog costumes

There is no doubt the Eagles are the better team by at least a touchdown in their Week 1 match up against the Redskins.

The 2019 Eagles have a Vegas projected win total of 9.5 juiced to the over at -150.

The 2019 Redskins have a Vegas projected win total of 6.5 juiced to the under at -130.

I will outline why a powerful Eagles team facing off against a questionable Redskins team will be your best 6 point teaser pick for NFL week 1.

Week 1 Redskins

There is a lot not to like about the Redskins entering Week 1 of the 2019 season.

Head Coach Jay Gruden has lead the Redskins to a 35-44-1 record in his tenure as head coach from 2014-2018. Gruden’s .444 winning percent is not due to a lack of talent at the quarterback position.

Gruden’s 2014-2017 seasons were quarterbacked by now Minnesota Vikings Pro Bowl quarterback Kirk Cousins.

Kirk Cousins played one year, the 2018 season, with the Vikings.

This lone Vikings season saw Cousins post career highs in completion percentage and touchdowns.

Cousins also posted a career low of 10 interceptions as a starting quarterback.

Entering the 2018-19 season, Jay Gruden’s quarterback was former Kansas City Chiefs Pro Bowler Alex Smith.

Before Smith’s devastating leg injury in Week 11, he was having a below average season with the Redskins in terms of yards, touchdowns, and interceptions.

This is not a surprise as Smith was being coached by Jay Gruden and not the offensive mastermind Andy Reid.

Kirk Cousins leaves Gruden’s offense and improves. Alex Smith joins Gruden’s offense and gets worse…

Redskins Quarterbacks

Jay Gruden’s starting quarterback options for Week 1 are Case Keenum or Dwayne Haskins.

Keenum ranked as the 28th best quarterback in 2018 by football outsiders and the 29th best quarterback by Pro Football Focus.

2019 will be Keenum’s 4th team in the past 4 seasons!

Keenum has had to learn a new offensive system every year for the past 4 seasons.

If the veteran Keenum does not win the job, it will be rookie Dwayne Haskins making his NFL debut in Week 1.

Haskins was the Redskins 2019 1st round draft pick out of Ohio State where he was coached by the great Urban Meyer.

Urban Meyer has been one of the most successful coaches in recent college football history. Meyer has been competing for and winning national championships at Florida and Ohio State since 2005.

However his quarterbacks have not transitioned into NFL starters.

Alex Smith, who was Meyer’s quarterback from his time as The University of Utah’s head coach in 2004, is the only quarterback to have a successful NFL career.

My bet is Haskins will be no different than the other Meyer’s successful system quarterbacks.

I hope Jay Gruden and the Redskins follow my Twitter advice.

Redskin’s Dysfunction

The Redskins organization is recognizing the incompetence of Jay Gruden as head coach.

This past off-season, Gruden was not involved in free agency or draft decisions.

In fact, the Redskins 2019 first round pick was reportedly hijacked by owner Daniel Synder who forced team management to draft Dwayne Haskins.

How much more dysfunctional can an organization be to not consult the head coach on roster construction?

Allegedly Gruden was not consulted in the over payment of safety Landon Collins who graded as the #59th best safety by Pro Football Focus in 2018, or on the one year deal to land Case Keenum.

You are telling me the head coach had no input in signing of one of the highest paid players on the team and the quarterback position!?!

Adding insult to injury, the Redskins will be without talented linebacker Reuben Foster.

Foster was claimed off waivers after he was released by the San Francisco 49ers for domestic violence charges.

Foster was not going to face a suspension in 2019 as the charges were dropped and the NFL decided not to suspend him.

Nevertheless Foster will miss the entire 2019 season due to a torn ACL.

Carson Wentz Returns

Carson Wentz is an elite play-maker in the NFL.

Wentz was the front runner for MVP in 2017 when he suffered a torn ACL in Week 14 against the Los Angeles Rams.

The knock on Wentz is his inability to stay healthy as he has missed significant time due to injury in his short career.

Carson Wentz suffering a torn ACL in Week 14 against the Los Angeles Rams

When fully healthy, Wentz ranked #1 in Total QBR in 2017 and was the #6 overall quarterback by football outsiders in 2017.

In 2018, Wentz was recovering from his 2017 ACL injury and injured his back.

Despite fighting injury, Wentz was productive as he ranked as quarterback #12 by football outsiders.

Wentz was shut down in Week 15 of the 2018 season due to a stress fracture in his back.

Now that Wentz should once again be fully healthy, NFL fans are betting on a comeback year.

Wentz is currently the most bet player to win the 2019 NFL regular season MVP at FanDuel.

We don’t need Wentz to win MVP.

We only need him to be productive and stay healthy for 4 quarters in this one.

Carson Wentz playmaking ability

Stout Eagles Defense

#15 Overall Defense by Football Outsiders in 2018
Eagles 2018 Pro Football Focus Defensive Rankings
  • #5 overall defense
  • #2 pass rush defense
  • #10 run defense
  • #15 coverage defense

Did you watch the Eagles last year?

Early in the season the Eagles looked like one of the worst teams in the NFL and the defense was to blame.

Week 11 marked the low point in the season when the Eagles were embarrassed by the New Orleans Saints 48-7.

Drew Brees connecting with Alvin Kamara for a touchdown during the Saints Week 11 rout of the Eagles

The Week 11 loss in New Orleans dropped the Eagles record to 4-6 on the year and the defense was then ranked #20 overall in total points allowed.

From Weeks 12 to 17 the Eagles went 5-1 despite losing starting quarterback Carson Wentz to a back injury in Week 15.

The defense was the key to the seasons turnaround. The Eagles finished the season 12th overall in total points allowed and only allowed an average of 19.5 points per game from Weeks 12-17.

The defense continued to play well into the playoffs allowing only 15 and 20 points respectively in the two road playoff contests.

Despite the slow start, the Eagles managed to finish as a top 5 team on 3rd downs allowing 3rd down conversions only 35% of the time.

The offensively challenged Redskins will have a tough time if the Eagles are not allowing them to convert 3rd downs and extend drives in Week 1.

Doug Pederson

Super Bowl Champion coach Doug Pederson has displayed the ability to win and run an offense no matter his quarterback situation.

Pedreson has posted a .664 winning percentage despite losing his starting QB twice in the past two years.

Pederson learned from the best, offensive guru Andy Reid, as Pederson was the Chiefs offensive coordinator from 2013-2015.

Final Thought

I realize if you tease the Redskins you are getting 14 points!

More than two touchdowns is a large margin of victory in the NFL.

But the Redskins quarterback situation makes me believe and an Eagles blowout win is more likely than a Redskins outright victory.

We have a battle between a wining coach with an MVP candidate at QB vs a losing coach with a questionable quarterback situation.

I will take the superior home team winning a division rivalry game by a field goal or more.

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