NFL Week 2 was rough as Kirk Cousins managed to throw away a Vikings win and Mitchell Trubisky could not sustain drives long enough to keep the Bears defense off the field and maintain the cover.

Since inept quarterbacks were the demise of Week 2, lets try and get back on track playing against inept quarterbacks in Week 3.

This theme back fired on my first pick of the Tennessee Titans on Thursday Night Football.

I was hoping rookie Gardner Menshew would perform poorly. However the Titans and Marcus Mariota were heavily penalized and offensively challenged all night.

Let’s hope the Titans are the lone loser of NFL Week 3 and the next 4 picks against the spread are money!

Rams -3

Why I like the Rams

  • The Browns have been unimpressive through 2 weeks of the season.
  • The Rams defense has graded as the #2 defense by Pro Football Focus through two weeks.
  • The Sean McVay lead Rams offense does not look like it is slowing down from last season.

I will happily take the Rams to cover a field goal against what continues to be an over hyped team in Cleveland.

Chiefs -6.5

Why I like the Chiefs

This one is reallllllyyyy easy for me!

Until somebody shows me you can stop Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid I will lay the points until the cows come home.

The Ravens are the current darling of the 2019 NFL season as they routed the historically bad Dolphins and held off a rebuilding Cardinals team at home.

The two impressive outings by the Ravens is depressing this line for Chiefs backers to find value.

I don’t care who the Chiefs are playing.

Give me the Chiefs under a touchdown at home and I’m in!

This line doesn’t make sense to me.

  • Currently Chiefs -5.5 at home is assuming the game is Chiefs -2.5 or -2 on a neutral field.
  • This would be around Ravens -1 in Baltimore!
  • The Chiefs should never be an underdog expect to the Patriots in my mind.

Give me the Chiefs all day long!

Seahawks -4

Why I like the Seahawks

  • The Seahawks looked rough at home against the Bengals in Week 1 and I believe they will have a much better showing showing at home in Week 3.
  • The Seahawks went on the road and showed toughness and heart to win against the Steelers. This was the same toughness they showed to not fall to the Bengals at home.
  • Pete Carroll is a good coach and Russell Wilson is a high-end leader and winner at quarterback.
  • The Seahwaks don’t have the best offense but its the Saints offense that makes me believe in the Seahawks.

Teddy Bridgewater

Bridgewater has looked atrocious as the Saints quarterback in both 2018 and 2019.

If Teddy Bridgewater is quarterbacking the Saints, I give the Saints little chance to win much less win on the road against a quality opponent.

49ers -6.5

I was not originally a 49ers believer going into the season but they are starting to make me believe.

The 49ers are going to play their first home game of the season after starting off 2-0 on their east coast road trip.

Why I like the 49ers

  • The Steelers have looked bad on both sides of the ball through 2 weeks. I am starting to believe the Steelers are not very good.
  • Insert a rookie QB (Mason Rudolph) making his first start in a cross country road game.
  • The 49ers defensive front has been dominating and Kyle Shananhan is a high-end play caller.
  • This looks like an easy win for the 49ers.
  • We may look back at the end of the season and say this game should have been 49ers -8 or -9.

Current season record for teaser and straight plays is 11-5.

I’ve got 6 teaser plays for NFL Week 3 at Free Picks & Record.