I love these 7 2020 NFL win total bets.

Many of these bets have been covered on the podcast but I wanted to give them to you in a concise written format.

Below are the win total bets I have made in the order I like them. The prices have changed but you can still find similar numbers if you shop around.

Bradley’s 7 2020 NFL Win Total Best Bets

Dolphins Over 6 (-140)

Colts Over 8.5 (-180)

Patriots Under 9 (+130)

Buccaneers Under 10 (-120)

Vikings Under 10 (-150)

Broncos Under 8 (-120)

Cowboys Under 10 (+118)

Email me @ presnappicks@gmail.com if you want to discuss any of the bets or get my opinion on a play you are considering!

Good luck!