3 Crucial Takeaways from NFL kickoff to help your Week 1 bets

NFL is back!

Just a teaser of the NFL orgy we have upcoming this Sunday!

What did we learn from the Chiefs beat-down of the Texans 2.0?

Below are Russ and Brad’s 3 takeaways from Texas at Chiefs that provide an NFL week 1 outlook.

3 Takeaways providing a NFL week 1 outlook

Deshaun Watson kindly asking Patty Mahomes to quit embarrassing him on prime-time TV.

1. Rusty players narrative is over-hyped

Mahomes score on the Texans defense at will

The Texans and Chiefs players both displayed little to no rust on opening night.

Aside from Kenny Stills inability to catch a football, nobody looked ill prepared.

Don’t let the talking heads tell you we will see sloppy football this weekend.

The teams who have built continuity over the years will be able to pick up right were they left off.

However, I wouldn’t trust any of the teams with new coaches or quarterbacks under center quite yet.

2. Vanilla Offenses

Mahomes hands the ball off to Clyde Edwards-Helaire

Although both the Texans and Chiefs player didn’t seem to miss a beat, the play calling looked bland.

Run Run Run

The Texans and Chiefs “explosive offenses” combined for 56 rushing attempts last night.

Low yards per attempt

Watson and Mahomes careers averages in yards per attempt are near the top on the league but last night they sat around league average.

Don’t expect all teams to come out pushing the ball down field as they look to install and run their offenses for the first time in 2020.

3. Outcomes will be variable: Coaches will be key

Deshaun Watson is asked to carry Bill O’Brien and the Texans offense

The players ability to execute plays put the onus on the coaches to come out with a proper gameplan.

We may see some lopsided games in the either direction of the favorite or the underdog.

No preseason has the players looking fresh and all teams are healthy.

The coaches who can mentally and physically prepare their teams to play with no preseason, no fans, and additional medical restrictions will rule the day!

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