Week 4 NFL betting picks {2020}: predictions and tips | teasers, live bets, underdogs, trap lines, and buy/sell


This article was written prior to the report of 5 Titans players testing positive for COVID-19. Rest assured, we have you covered with alternative teaser legs. Keep the Bears +8.5 and pair it with Russ’ Choice of Seahawks -0.5 (at Dolphins) or Brad’s choice of Browns +10.5 (at Cowboys).

Listen to the Week 4 Podcast attached to this article for our reasons why we like these legs.

As much as Week 3 SUCKED for juicy teaser plays, boy, do I have one for you in NFL Week 4.

This one speaks to my soul. It makes me feel whole. Okay, admittedly, that rhyme was a try hard moment.

I’m not a good poet, but I feel so freaking amped for this teaser I can’t help myself. I hope you play this with me, so we can walk away winners.

Russ’ PreSnapPicks 2020 Teaser Record

So far, I’m 3-1.

Week 1: Colts and Eagles can screw off. I’m done talking about it.

Week 2: Remember that Chiefs -2.5 sweat job against the Chargers?

Never a doubt, right? We paired them with the Falcons +10.5 against the Cowboys, which was never really in jeopardy.

As a little bonus action, I also threw in Chiefs -2.5 and 49ers -0.5 if you read through to the end of the Week 2 article https://presnappicks.com/2020/09/18/2020-nfl-week-2-teaser-pre-snap-picks-best-bet/

Week 3: Rams +8.5 with an open slot, or if you wanted to play a second leg in Week 3, we advised Green Bat +9 during our PreSnapPicks weekly Podcast https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/presnappickss-podcast/id1527878874

My point is, we can smell a good teaser (usually). Here’s where I’m putting my money in Week 4:

Chicago Bears +2.5, teased to +8.5 (home against the Colts)

RIP Trubisky

Trubisky Out, Foles In

The Trubisky era in Chicago appears over. Insert the savior, Nick Foles, who led the team to a second half comeback victory (down 16 points) torching the collapse-a-palooza Falcons for three touchdowns and a 30-26 win.

Matt Nagy announced today, 9/28/2020, that Nick Foles would remain the starter in Week 4, and I’ve seen this story play out before.

Nick Foles isn’t losing this job.

He is a quarterback that elevates his play in the biggest moments, and can do enough damage to complement what is a stout Bears defense.

I know Aaron Rodgers and that Packers offense is rolling right now, but the Bears are the league’s quietest 3-0 team thanks to a couple lackluster performances by Trubisky. With Foles in the mix, consider the Bears a live threat to win the NFC North at +275.

Bears’ Defense Has Top 5 Potential

It’s not debatable!

The Bears are the best defense in the NFC North and should finish inside the top 10 in the NFL. Khalil Mack, Robert Quinn, and Akiem Hicks can get after the passer and clog the run game.

Meanwhile, Roquan Smith and Danny Trevathan are studs that sure up the line backing group, and Kyle Fuller, Eddie Jackson (pro bowl safety), and Tashaun Gipson roam the secondary.

If all goes well, this defense can end up Top 5 in 2020.

Phillip Rivers and the Colts offense are smoke and mirrors. Yes, they are putting up points but they are doing so against lackluster teams in the Jets, Jaguars, and Viking. The Colts also look somewhat unimpressive doing so.

In Week 2, they were begging Kirk Cousins and the Vikings to beat them just like the Jaguars did to open up the season.

The Bears are the first real defense Rivers will face, and they will make it uncomfortable for him.

Home Dog?

I don’t understand. Colts are getting way too much respect for shit play.

The Bears were severely limited with Trubisky, and their antidote is Nick Foles.

Overall, the Bears are the better team.

The Bears are home dogs?

Teasing the Bears at +2.5 gets you through the 3, 4, 6, and 7. I’m salivating – and taking the Bears +8.5 with my first Teaser leg.

Titans +1.5, teased to +7.5 (home against the Steelers)

If you’ve been following us throughout the 2020 season, you know that I’m high on the Steelers. I bet them over 9 wins and to win the AFC North at +375.

Their front seven is elite, led by Bud Dupree, TJ Watt, and Cam Heyward. Not to mention a strong secondary in Joe Haden and Minka Fitzpatrick.

However, the Titans continue to find a way in their first three games, which makes me feel comfortable enough to take them over the touchdown and a hook.

Titans Keep It Close

While the Titans are 3-0 to start the season, their combined point differential in those three games is 6 points.

Sure, Week 1 is a little misleading thanks to a few missed FGs by Stephen Gostkowski, but the Titans haven’t looked stellar or as strong as I was expecting, especially on defense.

Derek Henry’s effectiveness has also been limited, but Ryan Tannehill is a dude and will keep the Titans live to win week-in and week-out.

Steelers Can’t Pull Away

Not only have the Titans played close ball games, but so have the Steelers. Besides the Giants in Week 1 (26-16), the Steelers couldn’t pull away from the Jeff Driskell led Broncos (26-21) or the Texans (28-21).

Simply, the Steelers have let their opponents hang around and you can’t do that against playoff caliber teams like the Tennessee Titans.

If the Steelers want to play that game, the Titans will make them pay.

The logic is pretty simple here.

Both teams have shown that they aren’t interested in stepping on the throat of their opponents. Five out of six games for these two teams have been decided by 7 or fewer points.

I have no reason to think this will change on Sunday. Both teams are evenly matched with two good defenses.

Give me the Titans at home plus a touchdown AND THE HOOK.

Good luck guys! NFL Week 4. LET’S GO!

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